So Over IT! How To Get Over A Crush With Grace

by Nina J Appleby

get over a crush
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Get Over A Crush Without Crushing Your Spirit

So you want to get over your crush with your dignity intact and with great speed? It’s not as hard as you think.  Often, unrequited love is a source of heartache. You find someone super attractive and a great person to be around, but they are seeing someone else or maybe they just don’t feel the same way about you. You shouldn’t feel bad and rejected, but that is exactly how you feel. How do you get over them and feel better about yourself quickly?

Why Having A Crush Can Lead To Heartbreak

Crushes are not just something you get as an adolescent. You can definitely develop a crush on someone as an adult. However, you might still feel like a teenager when you are rejected by your crush.

Having a crush on someone is not bad. However, when you realize that you cannot act on your feelings for that person that can lead to heartbreak, depending on how deep your feelings for this person are.

How Do You Get Over A Crush Quickly?

Well, the very first thing you must do is begin to humanize them. Often when we are enamored with someone, we often overlook their flaws. See your crush as just an ordinary person and not some superhero.  They are no better than you are. They are just someone that you developed feelings for and that means that you can undo those very feelings.

Let Go Of The Fantasy

Often when you experience having a crush, it’s not about the person you like, but it’s about what that person represents to you. The feelings they generate in you are linked to wanting to be in love or be loved. Or they could have similar qualities to someone you were once in a relationship with before.  If you remove the fantasy of being in love from your crush, you will begin to realize that your crush is just an ordinary person and nothing more.

Remove Your Crush Entirely From Your Experience

How can you get over a crush if you are constantly reminded of your feelings for the other person? Try to avoid seeing your crush at all cost. If it’s someone you are used to seeing at the bookstore or coffee shop regularly, go to another store or try going at a different time. Change the route that you bump into them.  Sit in another section if you have class with that person. If you have contact with them, cut all ties with them immediately. The faster you do this, the sooner you will get over them.

Hang Out With Your Friends, But Don’t Talk About Your Crush

Being with your friends is a great distraction for getting over a crush. They know how to lift your spirits and keep your mind off of your unrequited crush. They also know how to give you a confidence boost that you might be in need of right now. Just know that your friends love you and you are a wonderful person to be around, even if the one you like doesn’t feel the same about you.

Get Out And Meet New People

Meeting new people is a great way to forget about your crush. When you meet new people and expand your social circle, you are bound to find someone else to have a crush on, who might just feel the same way about you. Find new people who share common interest in you. You never know when or where you might meet your next boyfriend or girlfriend.

Work On Improving Yourself

One of the best ways to get over a crush on someone is to get a crush on yourself! When you turn your focus on yourself, you automatically stop thinking about your crush. Focus on being the best you that you can be. If you can’t find the motivation to improve yourself right now, Fake It ‘Til You Make It! This may allow others to see you in a different light than before and lead to a new romantic interest or two.

Final Thoughts

You Can Get Over A Crush With Your Dignity Intact!

In the end, you can get over your crush with grace very quickly if you remember that you are an awesome person no matter what your crush might think of you. Remember, there are other fish in the sea and there’s a vast ocean out there Baby, so dive in!

~Here’s to your healing!

get over a crush


Nina Appleby is the author of Heal Heartbreak Now!, which is a 5 step program that allows you to move past the pain of heartbreak, find endless happiness within yourself, and experience Real Love .

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