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Sex With Your Ex:The Naked Truth

Does Sex With Your Ex Create A “Hope” Trap Of Getting Back Together? | Find out at Heal Heartbreak Now!
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Should Your Have Sex With Your Ex? Think Again!

Sex with your ex can be tricky, especially if you still have feelings for you ex and are trying to move on from them.  After a breakup, there is a period of time when you want to rekindle those intimate feelings you and your ex share. You may think that having sex with your ex is not harmful to you and may help them feel closer to you again. You may be WRONG!

Sex With Your Ex Can Be Dangerous In Healing Heartbreak!

If you are trying to heal your broken heart, I would definitely reconsider having sex with your ex.  It will leave you powerless to them in the future and even help prolong your heartbreak.  Do you really want to continue giving your power over to your ex? I didn’t think so!

The Temptation That Leads You Down This Road

Does Sex With Your Ex Create A “Hope” Trap Of Getting Back Together? | Find out at Heal Heartbreak Now!

Having sex with your ex may seem like a natural thing to do. You are more comfortable with them.  There is a history there, so you feel uninhibited with them as opposed to having sex with someone new. The sex is a lot more gratifying because you already know how to please them and they know what it takes to please you.

Sex With You Ex Increases Your Emotional Bond, Which Decreases Healing

When you have sex, you are emotionally bonded to that person for about 14 days. Sexual intimacy can strengthen an already established emotional bond. If you are trying to move on from your old relationship, why would you want to make the task even harder? That’s like walking through the desert and then deciding to carry a backpack with a 50 lb weight in it. Having sex with your ex makes breaking the emotional bond you share 10 times harder.

Sex With Your Ex Doesn’t Change The Problems

Some relationship problems have nothing to do with the bedroom. While having sex with you ex can be comforting and familiar, it doesn’t fix the problems you had that led to your break up. It might help you break the ice to recover your relationship, but it will only temporarily allow you to get back together. Sex may momentarily burry your problems. But, know that they will find a way to come back up and you might break up again if you don’t know how to address the problems.

What If Your Ex Has Already Had Sex With Someone Else?

If you’ve been apart from you ex for a while, there’s a huge possibility that your ex has already had sex with someone else. You are potentially exposing yourself to STD’s. Be safe and protect yourself. You MUST use some form of contraceptive. No Glove, No Love!

Final Thoughts

If you do have sex with your ex, please consider the consequences of your actions.  Remember, sometimes (most times), sex is just sex. Don’t mistake having sex for any intentions of rekindling your relationship. Be on the same page as your ex when it comes to sex. Don’t be misled and don’t them false hope of getting back with you if that’s not what you want.  Be smart about this before you give into temptation. Having sex with your ex may cause you a whole lot more pain than pleasure.

~Here’s to your healing!

Sex with your ex


Nina Appleby is the author of Heal Heartbreak Now!, which is a 5 step program that allows you to move past the pain of heartbreak, find endless happiness within yourself, and experience Real Love .

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