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Heal Heartbreak Now!’s message is that YOU are much, much stronger than you realize and YOU can overcome heartbreak and find your true happiness and so much more.


Bonjour! My name is Nina Appleby and I want to welcome you to Heal Heartbreak Now!.

My goal with Heal Heartbreak Now! is to offer advice and encouragement for those of you who are suffering from a broken heart.

You see, I too, had struggled with a devastating break up and the seemingly never-ending pain of heartbreak.  For many months I tried ALL the known.  Some of the things I tried worked a little, but for the most part I was left feeling less than my former self.

I Felt Frustrated And Trapped!

Once I was at the end of my rope, I finally had enough. It was time to get real with myself. By chance, I stumbled upon a process that would eventually lead me to fully healing my broken heart and giving me back my freedom.

The process was not complex, yet very necessary.  I was still skeptical that it would work. However, I kept at it because the results I received were better in comparison to all the other methods I had tried.

Right away I realized this approach was different and it was not long before I felt stronger and more willing to handle the situation head on.

Eventually, all of my hard work paid off. I woke up one morning, transformed into a stronger person. I didn’t let my heartbreak stop me from living my life on my terms. I was happier and embraced what Real Love was.

Who is this for: the truly heartbroken soul. The one who can’t sleep because the pain runs way too deep – The one who wants to move on, but doesn’t have any idea on where to begin.

If this happens to describe yourself, then you are here on purpose and just in time.

I know that many other people do not receive the same results when trying to move on from a broken relationship.  And so I made this blog and wrote Heal Heartbreak Now!  in order to try my best to explain all the ins and outs of dealing with the ending of a relationship so that you all can be informed enough to decide what’s right for you!

My responsibility lies in that I know for a fact that you can truly heal yourself of heartbreak.  I am truly dedicated to showing you a different, faster way to mend your broken heart.

My model of healing is based on consistency and accountability. I strongly believe that you must be held accountable for all of your actions, all of your emotions, and all of your current beliefs about heartbreak.

I also believe that you must consistently TAKE THE RIGHT ACTIONS. Lying in bed crying or begging your ex to take you back are actions, yes.  But, these are pathetic actions that do nothing to heal your heartbreak.

My purpose here is to show you that there is another way. I explore the highs and lows and everything in between. Why does there have to be a struggle to heal your broken heart? This needless struggle does nothing more for you but prolong your grief!



I want to see you move on from your broken heart and find your happiness wherever it may lie. I strive to offer you my most honest reflections on what I know best about heartbreak and how to move forward with your life. Sometimes I will be blunt and brutally honest. Sometimes I will say things that you might not want to hear at the moment. But, I will not, I repeat, will not ever sugar coat or gloss over the issues at hand.  I believe in being firm, because wimping out will not get you the results that you desire.

I truly believe that you are fully capable of finding your happiness after a break up. I am here rooting for you. Just take the necessary steps and you will succeed.

Here’s to your healing!

Nina J. Appleby


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All posts at Heal Heartbreak Now! are written by Nina J. Appleby


Nina Appleby is the author of Heal Heartbreak Now!, which is a 5 step program that allows you to move past the pain of heartbreak, find endless happiness within yourself, and experience Real Love .

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